ASESORA’s multidisciplinary team integrates experts with broad experience in many disciplines, allowing comprehensive approaches of any record, considering all perspectives and implications.


Santiago Nistal Ruiz

Telf.: (+34) 609 79 18 93

  • Civil Engineering, specialty of Water and Power. Col. 10,148
  • More than 20 years working in the fields of engineering, construction, design and manufacture of machines, as well as energy production facilities and particularly associated with renewable sources.
  • He has performed as loss adjuster and expert during the last 12 years, writing numerous assessment reports, expert opinions, risk assessment.
  • FUEDI – ELAE loss adjuster.

Marco A. Rioja Pérez

Telf.: (+34) 649 99 89 68

  • Lawyer 29.822 ICAM. CETE Diploma in Tax Law.
  • RC lawyer in court for insurers and insured claims.
  • Legal partner in civil and commercial areas of CCS Insurers liquidation Department, since 1995.
  • Legal adviser to several expert/loss adjusting cabinets and APCAS.
  • FUEDI – ELAE loss adjuster.


Technical team – in alphabetical order


  • Juan Carlos Badillo – Economist, expert in financial analysis
  • Patricia Carneado – Veterinary Science Degree
  • Marina García – Architect
  • Ángel García Barrado – Architect
  • Enrique Jarabo – Economist
  • Chris Maassen – Facilities and electrical expert
  • Pablo Marina – Civil Engineer
  • Álvaro Martín – Mechanical Engineer
  • Andrés Nistal – Civil Engineer
  • David Pérez Sigüenza – Industrial Engineer
  • Javier Piqueras – Lawyer, expert in economic and tax analysis
  • Christian Israel Ruiz – Industrial Engineer
  • Guillermo Ruiz – Economist and Lawyer
  • Carmen Sánchez-Laulhé –Industrial Engineer
  • Óscar Soler – Environmental Sciences Degree
  • Francisco Teba – Electrical Engineer
  • Javier Vadillo – Chemical, risk prevention expert
  • Javier Vicente – Technical Industrial Engineer
  • Julia Villaldea – Technical Architect


Specific collaborators


In addition, ASESORA has a wide network of specific, expert collaborators in different fields (University Professors, Research Institutes and Professionals), which are integrated into the team when the specificity of service required to develop.